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A few years ago, our life experiences brought us together to create a product that we hope will help educate and assist millions of people all over the world protect themselves from sun damages, while still having a blast!!!

That product is SunZee… and this is how it came to life through a long pregnancy and a tough labour 😊

Our story (Noa & Heday):

Formally professional athletes and now Surf, SUP & sailing instructors, my wife and I spend long hours in the ocean under the harsh sun, and no matter what kind of sunscreen we use, the day normally ends with some parts of our faces and necks badly burnt. As years went by, the daily damage was taking a toll on our skin and health. We knew we shared this problem with other athletes, workers and children. So we searched for a way to make sunscreen easily accessible, when we couldn’t find anything like it we thought – “hey, let’s invent it!”  

Through a friend, we met Nitsan who came from a totally different background, but in our idea – he saw a solution to a dormant dream of educating & changing the world…


When a simple cosmetic mole removal for my spouse turned out to be a melanoma cell, as a panicked father to be, I frantically studied data on skin cancer and sun damages. What I learnt blew me away… (stay tuned for the next blog entry to find out about some mind-blowing stats and figures) I was shocked at the scale and enormity of skin cancer, and at the same time, surprised at how little I knew about it. I knew SunZee could be a way to change and educate people!

We know SunZee is a “must” product for many outdoor enthusiasts like ourselves, and we hope it will be much more…

SunZee can facilitate a positive behavioural change of sunscreen consumption in a fun way, educate and empower people to protect themselves, and can provide kids and adults alike with lifelong healthy habits.

If you share our passion - help us spread the word! share the word and follow us and stay tuned for the next blog entry!

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