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Holy Rosary School sets the benchmark in sun protection

SUNZEE SA recently had the pleasure of introducing SUNZEE to the first school in South Africa to embrace innovation and sun safety to their students. Holy Rosary held their annual assembly for environmental day and what better time to introduce SUNZEE to the girls! While SUNZEE is an incredible invention and solution for sun safety, it also cares about the environment. The wristband and capsules are 100% recyclable and is made form organic ingredients, contains zin minerals and is a factor 50 UVA and UVB protection sunscreen.

A word from Holy Rosary:

We were so lucky to be the first school to have SunZee come and chat to our girls. SunZee is an ultra light, silicone wristband that allows you to re-charge fresh sunscreen capsules for any outdoor activity.We are dedicated to educate our girls on the dangers of the sun and how to stay protected.

SunZee only arrived in South Africa this month. Read more here - 🌈

South Africa's number one cancer is skin cancer and while many people do wear sunscreen, they often forget to reapply. Mostly because their sunscreen is out of reach!

Thank you Holy Rosary School for your forward thinking and dedication to innovation.

Holy Rosary will be the first school as a group to wear, talk about and show South Africa their commitment to sun protection.

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