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Maui, paradise on earth...

Where wild nature actually exists and the endless ocean creates it's own story of waves, wind and wild animals.Maui is well known for it's surfing tradition, with the bests spots for windsurfing and also the bigest wave in the world known as Jaws! Moreover, it is a place where the unique lifestyle of the locals respect the nature, admire the ocean and insist on healthy and organic nutrition, yoga and outdoor sports. Sounds unreal?... well this is Maui! During our SunZee journey to the US, Maui was a must for us! First and foremost to be able to introduce SunZee to the island's surfers and their community, and also to help make our SunZee dream come true!

We were amazed by how concerned people were for their nature! One small example was that we found out is that Hawaii locals actually have a zero tolerance policy for sunscreen that contains Oxybenzone, a chemical commonly used in sunscreen, but not in SunZee. Research has shown that this chemical kills the coral reef and is also unhealthy to our body. During our journey we met so many amazing people that will stay in our hearts forever. However a special person we met along the way is our friend Giora Koren, who has lived in Maui for a long time. Giora is a photographer, that specialises in surf and water photography and he himself is a great surfer!   (By the way, Giora is using his SunZee all the time!)

Together with 3 special junior surfers, that we ourselves have know since they were little kids surfing soft boards on a mini wave, have made an outstanding movie. We are super excited to share with you the teaser!  The movie will be released soon. P.S. If you want to find the closest SunZee in Maui send us an email The SunZee Team


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