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Our story

We founded SunZee to solve a lifelong problem we had as parents, amateur athletes and lovers of the outdoors. We wanted to make sunscreen easily available to us when we really needed it.  We hope SunZee will facilitate a behavioral change in sunscreen consumption in a positive, fun way.

Education & positive habit forming

SunZee empowers children as young as 5 to take charge of their own well being.  It allows them independence and teaches them responsibility for their health, now and in the future. It is the way we as parents can provide our kids with life long positive habits and a better chance to avoid short and long term sun damage.

Making sunscreen safety fun

We researched and developed a user friendly wristband and capsules. The ease of use was a primary target, as was the design and comfort of the wristband and quality of the sunscreen and materials. When you hold SunZee and use it for the first time - you will be able to appreciate the genius in its simplicity and quality.

Skin cancer stats


Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in South Africa


200 000 Skin Cancer cases reported yearly -according to the WHO (World Health Organization)


132 000 Malignant melanomas globally each year

Our Partners
To date, SunZee has people across outdoor sporting communities excited. We are building a global network of affiliates around our common cause. Companies such as Disrupt Sports and Sea Surf Sun Surfing Academy, Helio follow KS UV tent and more are joining our efforts to build a global community around sun protection.
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